Are you suffering from excruciating tooth pain and you cannot bare it any longer? If so, Dr. Nicholas Manos and his root canal specialist, Dr. Philip Zimrming, are happy to wash your pain away with a treatment known as a root canal in Massapequa, New York!

The pain you are experiencing is the result from decay damaging and killing a tooth. The decay moves into your tooth and causes permanent damage to the pulp, which is why it is so agonizing. The root canal treatment will begin with your dentist numbing your gums with a local anesthetic. If it is needed, you will also be given a sedative to help you stay relaxed and calm throughout the process. Your dentist will then drill a hole into the tooth, remove the infected pulp, and fill the inside of the tooth with medications, temporary filling materials, and root canal fillings. Next, he will place a permanent filling or, if necessary, a crown. To create the crown, your dentist will make impressions of the tooth and send them to a dental lab to be created for you. You will be given a temporary crown until your new crown is ready.

After the treatment, your gums and lips might continue to be numb for a few hours. Once the numbing has worn off, you might experience some soreness and discomfort. If you do, over-the-counter pain medications should easily help you.

To eliminate the horrible pain you are experiencing from an infected pulp, call our office now and set up an appointment!