Do you have a large gap in your mouth that you wish you could fill with replacement teeth that are not dentures or implants? If so, Dr. Nicholas Manos offers dental bridges that will make your wish come true!

Dental bridges are made of two or more dental crowns that are placed on the remaining natural teeth on both sides of the gap. Between the crowns are replacement teeth that will give you the smile you have been waiting for! A dental bridge in Massapequa, New York, can improve your oral health and appearance by:

• Restoring your smile
• Giving you strength and capability of properly chewing and speaking again
• Preventing the remaining natural teeth from drifting out of place
• Distributing the proper forces you need in your bite

The process of installing a dental bridge involves your dentist preparing the remaining natural teeth for the crowns. Your dentist will prepare them by shaving a portion of the tooth to allow room for the crown. Once the tooth is filed down, he will make impressions of your teeth and will send them to a lab to be custom made for you. You will be given a temporary bridge to wear between your first and second visits. Your second visit will involve your dentist removing your temporary bridge and checking and adjusting the new bridge to your bite. When he finds the perfect fit, the bridge will be permanently cemented into place.

To see if a dental bridge is the right solution for you, call our office now and set up an appointment!