Yours and your family members’ oral health is extremely important to us, and we are proud to provide general and family dentistry in Massapequa, New York, to help you all reach your oral health goals!

Our team at the dental practice of Nicholas Manos, DDS, PC can do whatever needs to be done to ensure a top-notch health, but we also need your help. We recommend participating in a dental hygiene routine every day to take care of your teeth and make them stronger and more durable. This routine should include brushing your teeth every morning and every night (or after every meal if possible), flossing at least once a day, and using a fluoride treatment daily. It is very important to continue these beneficial habits because it removes harmful substances and bacteria from your teeth. If you do not participate in this routine, the bacteria and plaque could attack your gums and teeth and destroy your mouth.

We also suggest that you use a toothbrush with soft, gentle bristles and you also use fluoride toothpaste. By having a soft bristled toothbrush and fluoride contained toothpaste, your teeth will be kindly cleaned and your teeth will become stronger and healthier because of the additional fluoride.

To learn more about keeping yours and your family members’ teeth reliable and dependable, call our office now and set up an appointment with your dentist!