Are you embarrassed by your yellowing teeth every time you separate your lips to eat, speak, and smile? If so, we have a way to make it so you never feel that way again!

We offer Zoom Whitening in Massapequa, New York, to correct any discoloration in your teeth. This is a simple, painless process that takes about an hour to complete. The whitening method involves the use of the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp, which speeds up the bleaching process. Your dentist will apply a Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel onto the teeth .The lamp will then activate 25 percent of the hydrogen peroxide whitening and break down the hydrogen peroxide. Once the chemical is broken down, oxygen enters the tooth and bleaches the stained substances, which leaves the tooth structure unchanged. This process will be broken up into three 15-minute sessions and will result in a brighter, shinier smile.

If you are interested in Zoom Whitening, we invite you to come into the dental practice of Nicholas Manos, DDS, PC and talk to your dentist. The two of you will discuss if this is the right solution for you and whether or not it will completely benefit you. We want you to have the most radiant, brilliant smile, and we plan to do that with Zoom Whitening! Call our office now and set up an appointment. If you are interested in whitening your teeth with other bleaching techniques, talk to your dentist at your next appointment and he can give you recommendations.